From humble beginnings as a talented graphic designer and hand lettering artist Bob has amassed 42 years in the sign industry, emerging as an important voice of consultation for clients commissioned with the task of ordering new signage. To a greater or lesser degree, oftentimes and especially regarding large permanent signage there is a process of education needed for the customer to make the wisest decisions. A consultation during the information and ordering stage can be critical to the success of the project as there are normally numerable choices available with regards to materials, sign types and design. 

Bob understands that though one of the first concerns customers have is for an immediate quotation, consideration must also be given to the need for a proper site check, installation method and the possibility of the need for site surveys, professional engineering, sign permits, and customer file formatting as well as project management from beginning to end. Bob’s design process begins with scaled measurements, site photography and a focused attention on communication for the benefit of the customer and the resulting success of the project.


As a designer Bob’s work has been featured in two of the largest sign industry publications along with his interviews and comments. As a consultant he can communicate an immense amount of sign knowledge and translate industry terms to his customers thereby building a bridge for his customers to go from a position of insecurity to one of confidence. Bob’s vast experience in the industry enables him to assist his customers in avoiding potential issues with city permit offices, missing or inadequate site plans and bylaw compliance. With decades of experience and an excellent reputation in the industry Arrigo Signs Inc enjoys local partnership with Rae Neon & Sign Maintenance,  City Sign & Lighting and a network of Ontario’s most qualified excavators and fabricators. From your first enquiry by phone or email you can be confident you will be well looked after, informed and appreciated.